AssureCor is set to launch their exciting new Benefit X-Change®

ASSURECOR is planning to launch their much-anticipated Benefit X-Change® for residents in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

Tony McDougle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Assurecor, Inc. (ASSURECOR), a leading national insurance marketing organization providing affordable coverage to business owners, individuals and the self-employed, announced that they plan to launch their “Defined Contribution” online Benefits Supermarket, the Benefit X-Change® soon. The private exchange will initially be offered in twenty-one select states with additional states to follow over the next several months.

“AssureCor is reinventing employee benefits in America. We have pioneered consumer-centric benefits with the Benefit X-Change®, an online store where employees buy benefits using money allocated by their employer. It is a solution that improves efficiencies and lowers costs.” said McDougle. “Change is inevitable.  Whether the Supreme Court overturns part or all of the PPACA provisions, Republicans win the White House and implement their own reform, or the PPACA stays as is and is fully implemented January 1, 2014; defined-contribution arrangements are the smart way to buy benefits.”

McDougle explains, “The AssureCor Benefit X-Change® will provide employers an avenue to step out of the headaches of employee benefits administration and actually receive a bigger bang for their buck. Why do employers offer health insurance?  Is it because they care about their employees’ health?  That may be part of it.  But in reality, the primary reason is recruiting and retention. Health insurance and other employee insurance benefits are a form of compensation that is tax-deductible to the business and the employees receives the benefit 100% tax-free.  Therefore, a dollar in health benefits is worth $1.50 or more in pay to the employee depending on his or her tax bracket and it costs the company less than a dollar to pay because they do not incur payroll taxes on that dollar.”

“Due to the rising costs of traditional employer-sponsored health insurance, defined contribution health plans are gaining popularity. Rather than paying the costs to provide a specific group health plan benefit (a “defined benefit”), employers can fix their costs on a monthly basis by establishing a defined contribution health benefit plan.” McDougle commented. “Through our Benefit X-Change® a company gives each employee a fixed dollar amount (a “defined contribution”) Then the employee has a benefits “supermarket”, with more options than most Fortune 500 companies offer, where they can buy the benefits that they want and need.  No more one-size-fits-all.  Employees feel empowered.  Employers have a better recruiting and retention tool.  And the costs go down.”

AssureCor, Inc. is an insurance and financial organization based in HUNTERSVILLE, NC focused on providing innovative financial solutions for individuals, the self-employed and all business owners. Financial solutions have principally been distributed through independent agents.  The goal of ASSURECOR, our mission, is to improve the life of everyone our company touches, building financial solutions through genuine care for others.